About Us

Based in Elounda, Crete, where we have been since 2003, we never stop designing, experimenting and producing original and unique jewelry.

We work mainly with silver or where there is no silver, with alternative metals such as alpaca, tin sheets, copper and brass, but also with precious stones, resin, etc.

Most of the items on our site will be mainly our own production but slowly partner productions.

Our products are mostly readily available but because we maintain our physical store there are often times that something can be purchased shortly after we post it on our site. In this case we will redesign it and send you a photo, so it is a good idea to e-mail us with the product code you are looking for.

Our company offers a money back guarantee (up to 15 days from date of purchase) and free shipping for purchases over 50 euros.


Vangelis Vlachakis – Maria Hatzigianni